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With several years’ experience installing, maintaining and repairing underfloor heating systems, Clifton Hill & Montpelier Underfloor Heating Brighton & Hove is a renowned expert in the industry. It is not every day you get to install an underfloor heating system, so it is advisable to do your research before making any financial commitments. Fortunately, we offer a free call out service and you can receive expert advice from our engineers, obligation-free. Are you supervising a new-build property or working on renovating your existing one? Get information on the type of underfloor heating that is most suitable for you.

Choosing the right pipe system for your Brighton and Hove Project

When it comes to underfloor heating, there are various components that make up an efficient system. The pipe is one of them. As the main channel of heat transfer, it is important you choose a pipe that is designed to withstand sudden changes in temperature. Our professionals often recommend a multi-layered pipe such as PEX-AL-PEX, as opposed to the PEX only type. Look on the pipe for the maximum setting- it should read 10 bar pressures and 95⁰C. Not that you will need these settings but it is an indication of the pipe strength. The manifold must always be fitted with a mixing valve to enable you control the temperature of water flowing through the pipes.

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Sending you a quote anyway in Brighton and Hove

We have worked for many people in difference areas of Brighton including Aldrington, Elm Grove, Saltdean and many more. Our price is always fixed and there are no hidden charges. To determine the cost of setting up an underfloor heating system, we would normally request for your floor plans. However, we understand that not everybody has their plans available, so you can send us a sketch of you room measurements. We would also need to know what type of floor construction you want to install your underfloor heating system. This will give us an idea of the materials needed, as well as the project scope.

Naturally, we would assume that basement and ground floors come with concrete floors, and the pipe is fixed to the insulation and buried in a screed. However, each project comes with a different design. Various floor constructions include, timber suspended (joisted) floors, beam and block or a floating floor which can accommodate an underfloor heating system but under more intricate conditions.

Setting up a position for manifold

If you don’t have a particular position in mind for your manifold, don’t worry, our engineers are experienced enough to choose good locations for you. For the purpose of heating, it is always ideal to place the manifold in a central location. This makes the distance to and from the heat source (boiler) reasonable. It also reduces instances of obstruction to the manifold. A good example is a narrow but long conservatory with dimensions 25m by 5m, it would be wrong to place the manifold at corners of the building.

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