Underfloor Heating Pros and Cons

The immense Benefits of warming a Brighton and Hove home with Underfloor Heating

All across the UK, the many benefits of underfloor heating is driving more homeowners to have it installed in their homes. And Brighton and Hove residents are not an exception. Regardless if your property is a residential or commercial one, the improved heating that comes from underfloor heating cannot be overstated. From Ovingdean to Brighton Marina, CMitten Underfloor Heating Brighton has installed underfloor heating in many Brighton and Hove homes to the immense satisfaction of the homeowners. We assure that letting us install underfloor heating in your rooms comes with more upsides than downsides.

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Pros of Heating Your Brighton and Hove Property with underfloor heating

The technology of underfloor heating is constantly undergoing improvement and the current range we have available at CMitten Underfloor Heating Brighton are both cost effective and easy to install. Unlike radiators that cramp up your home, underfloor heating provides discreet and yet efficient heating within the room it is installed. It can be used in a wide variety of rooms, ranging from kitchens to conservatories to bathrooms with optimal heating results.

It can also be installed beneath a wide range of floors and still provide efficient heating for your home. Be it carpeting, laminate, solid wood, or other types of flooring, CMitten Underfloor Heating Brighton can effectively install underfloor heating beneath it

There are also the health benefits which come with underfloor heating, such as how it dries up floors and makes flooring inhabitable for harmful organisms. Also, because of the drying effect of underfloor heating, flooring such as laminate, solid wood floors and similar become more slip resistant.

Cost of Heating Your Brighton and Hove Property with underfloor heating

Most people opt for underfloor heating because of the obvious enjoyment of warm cosy floors for your feet on cold days. But there are also cost benefits. Radiators and similar heating systems consume a significant amount of energy to properly warm up a room.

Sometimes, the heat provided by these heating systems isn’t well circulated and thus leads to a room with uneven heating and cold spots.

But with well-placed underfloor heating, every corner of a room gets sufficient heating and less energy is consumed to accomplish this. This means a home gets better heating results with underfloor heating at less cost.

Also, because the warmth from underfloor heating is first absorbed by the flooring, a room can still enjoy heating long after the heating system is turned off. What happens is the floor gradually sheds its retained heat and thus keeps the room cosy long after the underfloor heating system is turned off.

Cons of Heating Your Brighton and Hove Property with underfloor heating

While underfloor heating is great, there are still some downsides. For example, the efficacy of the system is highly dependent on the sort of flooring that is already in place. Flooring such as carpeting and laminate, can enjoy faster heating while more solid floors such as concrete or wood can lead to slow warming of a room. But on the upside, solid floors that are slow to warm are also slow to shed stored heat. This means more stored heat from a solid floor can be enjoyed even after the system is turned off.

Also underfloor heating installed beneath cabinets and cupboards can cause the furniture to sweat on the inside and thus affect the structure of the furniture and its content.

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CMitten Underfloor Heating Brighton can install and repair any of the following types of Underfloor Heating and more:

  • Invisible Heating
  • Florad
  • Ebeco
  • Allbrite
  • Thermo
  • Floor Heating
  • Heat-Matt
  • Enerfoil
  • Taconova
  • Roben
  • Nu-Heat

CMitten Underfloor Heating Brighton is available in Brighton and Hove to deliver superior Underfloor Heating Solutions to your home!

If you need a superior underfloor heating solution that will turn your home into a blissful haven of warmth, do not hesitate to contact CMitten Underfloor Heating Brighton. We are available in Brighton and Hove and can be reached on 01273 257122 . Call us now for a heating solution that is perfect for you. Our services are delivered with the goal of providing our clients all of the pros of underfloor heating and none of the cons where possible.

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