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Underfloor Heating Repairs in Brighton and Hove

Most installations come with a lasting guarantee. But over time, they can be exposed to damage from other activities such as plumbing work or renovations. Your underfloor heating system is susceptible to such heavy-duty projects, which is why an annual maintenance schedule is highly recommended. More so if you operate a service establishment. If you don’t have one already, a CMitten Underfloor Heating Brighton and Hove engineer can arrange a schedule as part of your organisation’s risk assessment test. If we identify any damages in your underfloor heating, we will offer our recommendations. Repairs commence as soon as they are approved.

Our Guarantee

Contact a professional as soon as you notice something wrong with your underfloor heating. CMitten Underfloor Heating Brighton engineers are always available and we do not charge for call outs. We believe safety comes first so we have an emergency team ready to respond to calls in Brighton and Hove. For urgent repair services, our response time is immediate- 1 hour or less. After examining the situation, we proffer a solution. All products are bought at market price (no mark-ups) and our prices are fixed. There are no hidden charges.

Understanding your underfloor heating system

When handling repairs pertaining to underfloor heating, it is important to know the type of system you have. Fortunately, in the UK, most families have a hydroponic or wet underfloor heating system. This means a network of pipes are laid underneath the floor. The pipes are linked to the boiler, permitting warm water to flow evenly under the floor. Wet underfloor heating can be fitted under various types of floors, however, the speed of heat up is dependent on the floor type. At CMitten Underfloor Heating Brighton, we let you know all the details and suggest the best repair solutions.

Repair and Maintenance of your underfloor heating system in Brighton and Hove

Our engineers are experienced and well-trained to fix your heating system. Most operations are performed on-site, at the customer’s home or office.

We promise to work with minimal interference to your schedule. Since we work 24/7, you can choose to hire us in the evenings or during the weekends.

When your underfloor heating has been resolved, a precautionary measure is to run the system for at least 30 minutes each month in summer. When your underfloor heating has been resolved, a precautionary measure is to run the system for at least 30 minutes each month in summer. It is easy to forget to maintain your underfloor heating when the weather is warm. But remembering to run it every now and then will reduce the risk of circulating pumps and sticky valves.

Your floors are safem

Rest assured that more often than not, the problem may not be attributed to under your floors and can be resolved without damage to the flooring. Some common problems associated with underfloor heating include wiring issues, worn-out pumps, air locked pipes, and unevenly heated zones. Most times, when homeowners suspect a problem with their heating, they worry that the floors will be broken open to repair the fault. We assure you that this isn’t always the case and our engineers are highly experienced to fix your heating non-invasively.

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Rated People

Before you hire any trade service to repair a faulty heating, it helps to find out what their previous customers think about them. Rated People is an independent website that offers an unbiased medium for people to rate and write about their service providers. At CMitten Underfloor Heating Brighton, our customers believe in our commitment to their complete well-being. Our page on Rated People is filled with stellar ratings and a string of satisfied customer comments. This is a testament to our belief in a customer-centric way of service. Feel free to visit our page and see what our customers are saying.

Which? Trusted Traders

For almost 60 years, Which? Trusted Traders has set the standards in the quality of products and services. They are an independent organisation responsible for inspecting and accrediting trade services in the UK. It is safe to say that every customer deserves a fair and satisfactory system of service delivery. But Which? doesn’t stop there, it raises the bar with 6 stages of rigorous evaluations. CMitten Underfloor Heating Brighton is an endorsed member of Which? Trusted Traders scheme, having satisfied all required conditions, including financial check-up, policy reviews and customer interviews.

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CMitten Underfloor Heating Brighton Underfloor Heating Repair Standards

Obligation-free counselling service

Repairs can be tricky situations. While there are easy-to-install heating systems, it is not as easy to fix any faults within. CMitten Underfloor Heating Brighton always advocates that you consult a professional heating engineer, more so one that specialises in underfloor heating.

Don’t worry, you won’t be charged for the consultation because it is free. Our service is also obligation-free, which means you are not under any pressure to hire our company afterwards. However, you will want to eventually.

We put the customer first

Our customers rightfully believe in the quality of our service. This is because, it is part of our values to provide complete customer satisfaction at all times. Whether it is a simple enquiry at our customer desk, or a full-service repair at your home, our staff are trained to leave a happy impression after every interaction.

CMitten Underfloor Heating Brighton also cares about the health and welfare of its staff and customers. Allprojects are covered by a comprehensive insurance policy.

What makes us different?

Our unique business policies make us different. Simply put, CMitten Underfloor Heating Brighton does not perform its services like the regular heating company. From our employees to customer interactions and loyalty programs, we leave a lasting impression on every customer who comes our way.

Use of modern equipment

Innovation is a differentiating factor for our business. CMitten Underfloor Heating Brighton employs state-of-the-art equipment to provide customers with a convenient experience. Less invasiveness, quick fault-finding techniques and a clean post-work environment are the results of our modern applications.

Why CMitten Underfloor Heating Brighton should perform your underfloor heating repairs in Brighton and Hove

We have a reputation for hiring the best engineers in the business. Our company is a nationally accredited service and we make sure your heating problems are resolved as quickly and conveniently as possible. Pricing? Our system is totally fair and transparent; we assure you there are no hidden charges. CMitten Underfloor Heating Brighton customers go on to enjoy a lasting relationship long after our repair services.

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