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Homeowners looking to save costs on their annual energy bills choose underfloor heating as the ideal alternative. But it doesn’t just reduce heating expenses, it makes the home more comfortable during the colder seasons. Underfloor heating conducts an even distribution of warmth, unlike conventional systems which lose over 20% of heat to the ceiling. Before choosing any underfloor heating (UFH) system, it is advisable to consult an accredited heating engineer first. At CMitten Underfloor Heating Brighton, our engineers will determine the appropriate brand and UFH type suitable for your home.

Our Guarantee

CMitten Underfloor Heating Brighton customers enjoy a range of benefits when they hire our services. As a service with over a decade of experience, our process is highly simplified for the customer. First, we do not charge for home calls. We shall visit and conduct a preliminary check on your property for free. Our engineers also provide obligation-free services to help people make the right decisions. Another benefit is that we have an engineering team on standby in case of a heating emergency. If you live in Brighton & Hove or its surrounding towns, we will be at your doorstep in a few minutes. Furthermore, our business is open 24/7 all year; we are always available.

Wet (Hydronic) Underfloor heating

Wet UFH systems use a mixture of water and anti-freeze such as propylene glycol to transfer heated fluids to and from a heat source within a closed loop. Different types of pipes are available specifically for this system. They are generally made from polyethylene including PEX, PERT and PEX-AL-PEX. At CMitten Underfloor Heating Brighton we maintain a relationship with major manufacturers in the industry to ensure we use only the best range of products.

Components such as circulators, boilers, controls, and fluid pressure are obtained directly from the main source and at the right price. Wet UFH systems are usually installed in new build projects.

Dry (Electrical) Underfloor heating

This system is used only for central heating purposes. They utilize non-corrosive, bendable heating elements including bronze-mesh, pre-formed cable mats, cables and carbon films.

Because of their low-profile nature, it is easy to install electrical cables in a thermal mass or directly below the flooring.

Electric systems can also leverage time-of-use electricity meters and are normally applicable as portable rug heaters, carpet heaters, under laminate heaters and even under tile heaters. Dry underfloor heating is more common in retrofit projects because of the convenience and ease of installation. They are also a perfect option for bathroom floors.

Other benefits of underfloor heating

In addition to reducing energy costs and increasing the efficiency of your interior heating, underfloor heating has many other advantages. They are convenient to install for both the installer and homeowner. Most inconveniences associated with home installation are instantly eliminated. Underfloor heating is safe- if the components are installed by a professional, you have nothing to worry about. People who are prone to dust allergies find the UFH system very convenient as it does not raise dust like typical vents. The heat radiates from the bottom up, ensuring an overall heating sensation.

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Rated People

Rated People provides an online platform for business owners to meet potential customers looking to hire their services. The website also allows the people rate and comment about the company’s services after the project is completed. This enhances the customer experience and guides consumers’ selection process. At CMitten Underfloor Heating Brighton, we are 100% committed to customer satisfaction, which is why we have positive comments about the way we serve our clients. Brighton residents who have experienced our services; from Aldington to Coldean, Kemp Town and Mile Oak, can testify to the value we offer.

Which? Trusted Trader

Many businesses claim to provide quality services for their customers. To verify this, Which? Trusted Trader organises regular reviews on their operations. The independent organisation has a rigorous process with which it vets and endorses trade services in the UK. The reviews involve financial background checks, business policy analysis, customer satisfaction and employee knowledge. CMitten Underfloor Heating Brighton is a proud member of the Which? Trusted Traders, having excelled through all 6 stages of inspection. The Which? logo signifies our high-quality service and fair business practices.

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CMitten Underfloor Heating Brighton STANDARDS

Obligation-free advice

Underfloor heating may sound like a simple concept but when it comes to installations or repairs, you are better off speaking to a professional first. CMitten Underfloor Heating Brighton’s heating engineers will help you sort which brand or model is suitable for your property. With this, you can avoid wasting money on costly mistakes. The good thing is that the advice is obligation-free. But if you hire us, we guarantee the best service for heating system.

Customer-first service

At CMitten Underfloor Heating Brighton we care deeply for our customers. From their convenience to satisfaction, every interaction is aimed at enhancing their brand touch points. We do not leave our firndly service to the customer rep alone. Even the technicians are trained to engage cordially with the customers. Because we care about your safety and your property, we cover every assignment with a comprehensive insurance.

Unique Services

Are you worried that a company might outsource it jobs to 3rd parties, thus relinquishing control of your heating? Don’t worry, at CMitten Underfloor Heating Brighton, every engineer is a professional. We take responsibility for all our projects, this means you can hold us accountable for any task will perform.

Innovative by nature

We work with leading heating manufacturers and cannot afford to have a laissez faire attitude to work. We always research modern ways to install heating systems without inconveniencing you in anyway. Our solutions also seek faster, more permanent solutions to your needs.

Why hire CMitten Underfloor Heating Brighton?

Under floor heating is a smart choice for your home any day. At CMitten Underfloor Heating Brighton, it is our speciality. You are entitled to:

  • Gas-safe, experienced heating engineers
  • Lifetime customer-support
  • Authentic products with long-lasting warranties
  • Competitive pricing rates (fixed and no hidden charges)
  • 100% guaranteed satisfaction

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